The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1: Faith - Recap Review

What's good

- Awesome overall artstyle
- Fascinating world and atmosphere
- Very entertaining and exciting story so far
- Well written dialogue and characters
- Nicely (subtely) implemented character development
- Plenty of interesting backstories
- Fun investigations
- Intense chases and fights
- Some pretty tough choices to make
- Seemingly smaller decisions affect you in the long run
- Being able to see what choices the majority of players picked after beating the episode

What's bad

- If you pick a certain convo-topic or investigation choice too early you can accidently trigger a set-piece/scene and therefore miss the chance of picking the others.


- The license plate on Toad's car.

The Verdict

After Telltale's widely successful game adaptation of the famous The Walking Dead comic series,
instead of focussing solely on a sequel, their new story The Wolf Among Us proves to be quite an interesting surprise.
While also being an adaptation of a comic book series (DC/Vertigo's Fables), the first episode of The Wolf Among Us throws us into a very stylish film-noir setting that cleverly introduces us to a world in which characters from famous fairytales struggle to live a normal life in a city full of crime and injustice. With that said, The Wolf Among Us is despite its quite colorful appearance a game that is very heavily targeted towards adults - complete with nudity, violence, drugs and cursing galore.
Along with Telltale's trademark well written dialogue and characters, The Wolf Among Us features quite a better palette of decisions to make. While some of them are obviously tough to make, others are cleverly disguised as being inconsequential until even those affect the story in the long run.
Furthermore, there are some neat investigation segments with occassionally involved action scenes that shake up things with a well placed dynamic. It's just the right amount of interaction mixed with focussed storytelling.
Overall, The Wolf Among Us pretty much never loses your attention and keeps you entertained with an easy to follow but exciting story in this new fascinating world of Fabletown.
Whereas this first of five episodes called "Faith" obviously has the main purpose to establish the story and to keep players hooked for more, we are in for quite a great story if Telltale manages to keep this the standard for the next episodes. 


Final Verdict: 9 out of 10

Status: Amazing

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