Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode 1 - Recap Review

What's good

- Visiting pre-apocalypse Rapture
- Playing in Rapture with Infinite's gameplay mechanics
What's bad

- Ridiculously short (1,5 hours)
- Scarce ammo resulting in a weird emphasis on laying traps
- Supposedly "new" plasmid "Old Man Winter" is a recycled plasmid from Bioshock 1
- Tacked on, lame twist ending


- It's 15 bucks for 1,5 hours of gameplay!

The Verdict

Whereas the idea of setting Booker's and Elizabeth's new adventure in another parallel dimension in Rapture is fairly great, the execution of the first Episode of the Burial at Sea DLC leaves much to be desired.
Although revisiting the city of Rapture before its disastrous collapse with citizens living in the vivid corridors of the underwater-city is quite interesting to look at, it's only a short and minor positive among the DLC's big palette of problems.
Other than the game's expectedly good presentation, Burial at Sea might do a fairly smart job in implementing Infinite's gameplay mechanics into the tighter halls of Rapture, but decides for some weird gameplay reorientation at the same time. With that said, ammo (and eve) is surprisingly scarce this time around forcing the player to constantly use tears or melee attacks to fight off enemies. Unfortunately this always makes the game feel far less fun than it should be.
Furthermore, supposedly new additions to Booker's arsenal like the "new" plasmid called "Old Man Winter" turn out to be just recycled versions of already known ones from the original Bioshock.
Only the new Soundwave Gun, which you sadly get right when the episode is almost over, represents a truely new addition.
Overall, the first episode of Burial at Sea is quite disappointing regarding its very defensive gameplay style, few new additions, criminally short length and slapped together twist ending.
Being the first entry in a series of episodes, we still have to wait for how the story of Burial at Sea evolves to review the entire DLC and all its aspects in its grand scheme. But soly judging this first episode, this is a pretty low start to get people invested in your DLC-storyline.    

Final Verdict: 5 out of 10

Status: Wait for the other episodes

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