Thor: The Dark World - Recap Review

What's good

- Charistmatic leading cast
- Concept design of the Dark Elves
- More vivid depiction of Asgard with actual citizens

What's bad

- Overall astoundingly boring
- Tiresome storytelling 
- Way too much dragging exposition over and over again
- Nordic Asgardians vs. Sci-Fi Dark Elves-battles seem weird (swords vs. laser guns?!)
- Basically zero amount of jokes (at least good ones)
- Badly explained villain motivations and what the Aether actually does or is
- Poorly utilized/wasted potential of Loki and the Malekith


- Most of the big action scenes coming down to being Star-Wars-like battleship fights.

The Verdict

Although Marvel movies usually tend to keep a fairly healthy standard among its superhero-movie-lineup, Thor: The Dark World comes over as one (if not the) weakest of the Avengers-era Marvel movies. Despite its expectedly charismatic cast, a more belivable depiction of Asgard as an actual city and some neat concept art work, the movie is drastically hampered by very tiresome, dry and dialogue-heavy storytelling. 
There, numerous repeated expositions hamper the fun quite a bit and make most of the movie feel very slow and boring.
Action segments are also a problematic aspect. Especially the weird clash of the nordic Asgardians and the sci-fi laser-gun-shooting Dark Elves makes Malekith's army seem unfairly overpowered and somewhat not fitting into the Thor-universe. Several sci-fi battleship fights and chases therefore are no big surprise and make Thor: The Dark World occassionally feel like a Star-Wars-Prequel.
The movie's problems get topped up with a very poor utilization of fan-favorite Loki and his honestly very unmemorable and somewhat empty performance. Same goes for the movie's main antagonist Malekith who is never given any real depth or explanation to his motives.

Overall, Thor: The Dark World is a very disappointing entry in the mostly good to great Avengers-Marvel-movies. It's really sad how much it feels like this movie was made with the thought "Well, we just HAVE TO make another Thor movie for Avengers 2." instead of having actual good ideas for a great standalone Thor-story to justify it and make this movie worthwhile. 
In the longrun, Thor: The Dark World is an okay rental but not a movie people should rush to the theaters for. Considering how good Marvel-movies are in terms of plain blockbuster-entertainment, Thor: The Dark World is incredibly dull. 

Final Verdict: 3 out of 10

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