The Upcoming VGX 2013!

Update: For all the winners of the VGX 2013 Awards check out Kotaku's list here.

And for fittingly extended thoughts and an in-depth look, i would suggest you check out Angry Joe's vlog about the entirety of the show, including what was good and bad, here.


Original post:

In Collaboration with our German partner site "Daran geht die Welt zugrunde", Invisible Kid and our partner created a big article regarding the upcoming VGX Awards 2013 on Spike TV.

The article is entirely written in German. So for the readers of you able to understand the German language, you can check out the article of our predicitions about who is going to win by clicking here!

For everybody else, don't forget to watch the VGX Awards 2013 with a bunch of new trailers for upcoming games on Saturday, December 7, beginning at 6:00 PM ET / 3:00 PM PT.

Watch the Stream either at or at 

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