Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2014

Now, that the year 2014 gets closer and closer, I think it would be an appropriate time to take a look at what is coming up in terms of movies. From long awaited sequels and reboots to anticipated projects that got delayed over and over again, 2014 should be a pretty exciting year in cinema.

With that said, let's take a look at Invisible Kid's Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2014.

The movies inside this Top 10 lists are not necesserily movies that i expect to be great masterpieces, but just movies that rise our anticipation through various questions like "How good is this movie going to be?" , "How bad is this movie going to be?", "What will this movie look like?", "What's the story going to be like?" etc.
Long story short, it's all about the right balance between what we DO know about the movie and what we don't.

Therefore, some great movies of 2014 like The Hobbit 3 and Expendables 3 are not on this list because we mostly already know what they will be all about and how they will hold up.

Anyway, let's take a look at the movies that make Invisible Kid curious for 2014.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill for
directed by Robert Rodriguez & Frank Miller

In the recent years, Robert Rodriguez unfortunately turned out to be a director who promises much but actually does very little.
The highly anticipated sequel to his successful comic-adaptation Sin City from 2005 is no exception in that regard.
Stuck in development hell for many years and originally slated to come out October 2013, for "A Dame to Kill for" it is questionable if it is even going to make its 2014 release date.
Therefore, it's accordingly put in the last spot in this Top 10 list.
"A Dame to Kill for" sure has enough great source material, style and violence to do its predecessor justice, long as it actually does come out next year.

Question is...:  Is it gonna get delayed...again?


directed by José Padilha

Reboots, reboots, reboots! Everywhere you look there's another reboot or remake proving just how much Hollywood is lacking new ideas.The upcoming Robocop reboot/remake is no exception.
Still, with a kick-ass cast consisting out of Sam Jackson, Gary Oldman and Michael Keaton, there's quite some acting power to hold this movie up.
Additionally, robots, machines and Robocop himself got quite an impressive design overhaul that fits our modern age of slick and "sexy" technology. (To all those whiners out there saying "Bah! It looks like Batman's suit". Get over it. Batman doesn't have a patent on black armor!).
The only big downside as of now is the movie's PG-13 rating. The original Robocop was one of the most grim action-movies at its time, whose violence underlined the movies gritty, dirty atmosphere of crime-infested Detroit.
Here's hoping that the new Robocop can at least maintain a solid state as a good, entertaining blockbuster action-flick. We know that it's going to get polished for a wider mainstream audience, but please, just don't polish it too much.

Question is...:  How much damage can the PG-rating do to the Robocop reboot?


The Amazing Spider-Man 2
directed by Marc Webb

Now let's talk about a SEQUEL to a REBOOT.
The Amazing Spider-Man from 2012 did quite a few things right and quite a bunch of things wrong.
Whereas Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are good casting choices and the movie aims for a more realistic less "comicy" style (oriented on the more realistic "Ultimate Spider-Man" comics), many unconvincing aspects like the wooden dialogue and partially very stupid moments and characters' choices held the first entry of this reboot back from rising above Sam Raimi's legacy.
Here's hoping that Amazing Spider-Man 2 can redeem these mistakes and show that it's learned from them.
Only the revealed drastic movie/recuts and potential overload of villains gives reason to worry.
Please, at least don't let this be as bad as Spider-Man 3.  

Question is...:  Can it iron out the mistakes of its predecessor and bring the franchise back on track?


Transformers: Age of Extinction
directed by Michael Bay

The first Transformers movie was a pretty okay action-blockbuster. The second Transformers movie treated its audience like a bunch of brainless monkeys. And the third one was a mixed-bag.
Looking back at the trilogy so far, the Transformers themselves only rarely were the real problem with the movies. It's just robots beating the snot out of each other. There's not much to fuck up in that regard.
The real problem were always the human actors, who gradually got more and more ridiculous and annoying to the point that you wished that Shia LaBeouf would finally bite the dust.
There's no doubt that Transformers 4 will give us just more of the same action-spectacle that Michael Bay as well as the other Transformers movies are already known for.
The thing is that now that Shia LaBeouf and his fellowship of idiot friends are gone, does this change elevate Transformers 4 above its predecessors?
With Mark Wahlberg now being the main protagonist, there's hope that maybe Transformers 4 can be a dumb good-ole' action-flick that avoids goofyness and annoying the shit out of you with its human cast.
Oh, and there's also Dino-Bots...everybody loves dinosaurs.

Question is...:  Is Transformers without Shia LaBeouf going to be better or even worse?


 Captain America: The Winter Soldier
directed by Anthony & Joe Russo

Just why is this movie called "Winter Soldier"?
Whereas comic geeks probably already know this, standard movie goers might feel left alone by the fairly shallow first trailer for Captain America's next standalone adventure.
Without spoiling too much about the movie's storyline and the Winter Soldier story-arch, regarding the comic books, the Winter Soldier story-arch happens to be one of the most memorable and interesting ones that Captain America has to offer. Also, it ties in fairly well with the hero's first screen appearance from 2011.
Especially know that Thor: The Dark World surprisingly turned out to be an uninspired fail among the almost flawless Avengers movies, our hope lies on Captain America: Winter Soldier to pull the Avengers-Phase-2-movies back up to their high action-blockbuster standards.
This sure won't be the strongest entry in Marvel's big superhero movie lineup, but here's hoping it does its job well building up to Avengers 2 as good as possible...or at least better than Thor 2. 

Question is...:  Does the Winter Soldier story arch transfer well to the big screen? 


directed by Gareth Edwards 

Making a successful mainstream Godzilla movie is a pretty tough project.
Godzilla might be a globally known iconic movie monster, yet pretty much every single one of his many original Japanese movies doesn't have a large mainstream success.
The traditional Godzilla movies were primarily produced and loved by specific target audiences or his already established fanbase.
On the other hand, when Hollywood takes control of a Godzilla movie, it tends to polish and americanize it way too much, to the point that diehard fans of the originals hate what they did to their hero, while new audiences don't really recognize Godzilla anymore in this now generic americanized giant lizard movie (aka Roland Emmerich's Godzilla).

In 2014, a new big budget Hollywood Godzilla movie is going to be released.
With the promise of staying more faithful and true to the original concept of Godzilla and the iconic monster's roots, there arises the question whether director Gareth Edwards manages to successfully market this "niche monster" to a larger mainstream audience without americanizing it too much.
It's tough and hard work, but even more so it's pretty exciting to get to finally see what movie came out of those promises.

Question is...:  Can the reboot make Godzilla great again without americanizing it too much? 


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
directed by Jonathan Liebesman

Fan poster by Phil Wheat

Despite the fact that 2014's new TMNT movie is produced by Michael Bay instead of being directed by him, Jonathan Liebesman probably won't do a much better job in the directing chair either.
Much like Michael Bay, Liebesman tends to overblow movies with an overuse of action and CGI to compensate for the movie's immensely lacking plot and overall script.

However, with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles having pretty much not that much serious material to begin with (come on, it's mutated ninja turtles being trained by a large rat), isn't it just the perfect movie to make by a producer and director who both mainly focus on overblown blockbuster action with CGI- and goofyness overdoses?
Yet, soly judging by the two directors' previous efforts, they still will most probably find a way to make even this new TMNT movie a bad one.
To be honest, TMNT ranks up so high on this list because many odds speak against its success (at least qualitywise) and it's just so exciting to get to see just how bad it really is going to be in the end.
While my money is still on the producers probably messing way too much with beloved traditions of the TMNT franchise (like the turtles' origins, their characters, villains, etc.), the movie would truely make a big and surprising splash when it would suddenly turn out to be pretty good.

But with Megan Fox playing April O'Neill, for me, this is the first nail in the coffin.
Now, is it going to go downhill or uphill from here?

Question is...:  Is it going to be worse than Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3?


Guardians of the Galaxy
directed by James Gunn

Bringing a welcome new change to the somewhat tired or at least very predictable lineup of known Marvel superhero flicks that will eventually end up in the Avengers, comes Guardians of the Galaxy.

Far less well known than Marvel's Avengers and their indiviual members, Guardians of the Galaxy takes the action quite a bit away from earth to tell a story more focussed on aliens and science-fiction than full-on comic superheroes.

Why is it so high on this list when only so little people know about the Guardians?
Well, that's exactly the reason for it!
With popular superheroes like Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine, etc. we all know what they are all about very well. We know their powers, we know their characters and we basically already know what a movie or sequel about them would be like even before it gets released.
All the predictabilty is (at least for the most part) gone with the Guardians of the Galaxy.
Not only is it more of a sci-fi- than a superhero movie, but it also introduces characters that most audiences are completely open, unprejudiced and probably curious towards. 

Whether the Guardians can compete with the Avengers remains to be seen, but a first motion picture about fairly unknown/unpopular Marvel characters is already far more refreshing or at least interesting than watching another bazillion sequels with the same old characters over and over again.

Question is...:  Can this ensemble of new (fairly unknown) heroes compete with the Avengers?


directed by Christopher Nolan

Just what will Interstellar be all about?
Supposedly, it's going to be a story focussing on a team of space travelers going through a wormhole...that's about all we now to date.
Yet still, this enormous lack of information only further fuels our curiosity of what Christopher Nolan is up to next.

While Christopher Nolan is not necessarily the best and most flawless director today as many overhyped fans of his movies mostly say (The Dark Knight Rises exceptionally makes that clear), Nolan is without a doubt a very talented director for entertaining and above-average intelligent blockbuster movies.

Especially regarding nowadays, when needless sequels, remakes and reboots make Hollywood look even more greedy and uncreative than it already is, Nolan's ideas for movies and what and how he wants to tell his story alone make his cinematic efforts stand out.

Just remember the first Inception trailers, which looked very fascinating and mysterious and you didn't understand anything whatsoever, until it all got made sense into when the movie finally arrived and was the most exceptionally imaginative blockbuster we had seen for a long while.

Let's hope Nolan can reawoke that feeling again with Interstellar.

Question is...:  Can Christopher Nolan amaze us once again with some new ideas?


X-Men: Days of Future Past
directed by Bryan Singer

Instead of giving us the obvious, X-Men: First Class 2, director Bryan Singer returns and hits us with a whammy - a screen adaptation of the popular Days of Future Past story-arch with all of the present- and past X-Men involved.
It is by far the biggest group of superheroes (and villains) and A-class actors in on feature movie.
The great thing about this however, is that it doesn't risk doing a "Spider-Man-villain-overkill" by telling a story, in which Xavier's X-Men and Magneto's villains have to work together to vanquish a far bigger evil - the Trask company.
Wolverine finding himself in a mutant-holocaust like future, in which mutants are hunted by giant robots called "Sentinels", sure is reason enough for all of the mutants to bond with each other against this threat.

Days of Future past sure is a great story-arch but also one of the trickiest to execute in a full-length feature film. Not only is time travel always tough to handle (especially when the storytelling alternates between the present and past), but also looking at the large cast involved in this movie gives reason to worry whether Bryan Singer can manage to balance all of them just right.

Aside from the silly "Superman Returns", Bryan Singer up till now always has had quite some talent to make very good comic-related/X-Men movies (X-Men 1 and 2).
With such a great and interesting story, such a large cast of great actors and superheros, and being directed by someone who already showed his talent with X-Men movies, it's very exciting to see if Bryan Singer (and the other actors) can pull this movie off. 

X-Men: Days of Future Past is Invisible Kid's most anticipated movie of 2014.

Question is..:  Can Bryan Synger balance all the characters just right while telling a great story?


Honorable Mentions:

22 Jump Street
Edge of Tomorrow
Hercules: The Thracian Wars
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
The Expendables 3
Horrible Bosses 2
The Hobbit: There and Back Again

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