Is Tomb Raider worth rebuying for the Definitive Edition?

Is last year's Tomb Raider a great game? - Yes it is.
Is it worth rebuying it for the Definitive Edition on next-gen consoles? - Probably not!

Soon the supposedly rebuilt edition of Tomb Raider, called Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, will be released for the PS4 and Xbox One on January 28th.
This new edition of Tomb Raider is the exact same game from March 2012 (not even a year ago) that got a graphical rehaul to match next-gen consoles. 
With that said, not even was Lara's face remodeled completely, but also a supposedly higher framerate and higher resolution textures are featured in this Edition.

Sure it's now an even prettier looking game, but why is this Edition worth mentioning in a blog article on Invisible Kid? 
- Because Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is a pretty shameless cash-in attempt by Square Enix to press another 60$ (!) out of their customers for a game, that's not even a year old just with a new paintjob on it. But the real problem is that most gamers seem to defend the re-purchase of this edition.
Last year's Tomb Raider was both graphically and gameplay-wise a stunning experience and there's simply no reason to rebuy this game, when you already own it for one of the last-gen consoles or let alone the PC (where you can crank up the graphics incredibly high anyway).

The fact that the Definitive Edition comes packed with all the multiplayer DLC, that got critically panned, doesn't help much.

There's nothing truely wrong to remaster games to gather attention by new generations of gamer's, but making a trend out of it by cashing-in through graphically rehauling a game that came out not even a year ago is a damn shame.
Just like microtransactions, such misguided "remakes" are a trend that shouldn't evolve any further.

Anyway, if you are considering buying or even rebuying the Definitive Edition of Tomb Raider instead of just spending 10-15$ on the last-gen version, i recommend you to watch ReviewTechUSA's opinion on YouTube:

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