The Wolf of Wall Street - Recap Review

What's good

- Great balance between comedy and drama
- Has a certain "Goodfellas-vibe" to it, without trying to copy it
- Fittingly dynamic pace and entertaining narration
- Superb performances by Dicaprio, Hill and supporting actors
- Interesting theme of positive intentions covered in greed and materialism
- One of Scorsese's best or at least most fun movies

What's bad

- Sometimes so ludacrious and extreme, that it gets unbelievable


- The way stockbrokers talk to each other on the trading floor on Wall Street.

The Verdict

Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street is often compared to and described as this generation's Goodfellas, and by the sheer style and narration of the story, you can clearly see why.
While focussing far more on the comedic and funny side of Jordan Belfort's rise and fall with excessive partys and drug adventures, The Wolf of Wall Street further benefits through some surprisingly deep and honest themes and intentions lying beneath the ugly facette of greed and materialism.
With that said, Scorsese's new movie is a showcase of extremely (and sometimes even too extreme) dynamic across all of its aspects. From the furious acting by a superb cast of actors, to its consistently energic pace of the story, The Wolf of Wall Street oozes energy from every possible angle.
Although some viewers might be easily put off by the movie's big focus on the excessive partying-lifstyle of the greedy but somewhat also charismatic Jordan Belfort, this almost 3 hour long story is one worth taking. Especially considering with how much entertainment value it is old.
A-class acting performances aside, it remains a bit questionable whether The Wolf of Wall Street is a movie really worth calling "Oscar material". Yet still, this shouldn't stop viewers from watching Scorsese's newest movie, considering it is without any doubt one of the most fun and entertaining biopics out there.  

Final Verdict: 8 out of 10

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