Broken Age: Act 1 - Recap Review

What's good

- Gorgeous art design
- Creative and fun story/stories
- Charming characters
- Subtely delivered humor and references
- Back-to-the-roots adventure game experience
- Effective cliffhanger ending

What's bad

- Mostly too easy puzzles
(- Shy of trying anything truely new with the genre)


- Parents celebrating that their daughters get eaten by a giant monster.

The Verdict

Coming from Double Fine Studios and Tim Schafer, one of the key developers behind some of the greatest adventure games like Monkey Island, the first Act of Broken Age truely shows that the raised Kickstarter budget was put to good use with its high quality development.
Though Broken Age features a good old back-to-the-roots approach with its traditional adventure game mechanics, some gamers (and most notably adventure game veterans) might feel that Broken Age feels a bit too "polished" in a sense that it's a bit shy to try anything new with the genre. 
And despite the fact that Broken Age's puzzles are nice and straightforward, most of them are simply way too easy, instantly giving you the exact idea of what to do with a specific item the moment you get it (most notably on Vella's quest).
Nevertheless, the puzzles themselves are not necessarily the primary argument to experience Broken Age, but its sheer spectrum of creativity and art design. 
With that said, the presentation is definitely the driving force behind the game. From its colorful and sympathetic characters to its two great and distinct stories, Broken Age (as of now) might not rival the biggest adventure games in history, but is still a very relaxing, funny and charming game to experience.
Especially after the first Act's very effective cliffhanger ending, we can't wait to see how Shay's and Vella's stories continue. 


Final Verdict: 8 out of 10

Status: Great

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