Rambo: The Video Game - Recap Review

What's good

- Re-experiencing many iconic scenes from the movies in first person perspective
- Love for detail in recreated locations and scenes

What's bad

- Marketing itself as a FPS but really being a rail-shooter
- Rail shooter gameplay without a light gun
- Useless quicktime event focussed stealth sections
- Highly overpowered perks
- Horrendously bad graphics
- Newly added gameplay sections don't make any sense regarding the course of the movie
- Voice acting mostly ripped straight from the movies
- Original voices from the movie badly blend in with new voice recordings
- Weak co-op feature


- Playing a movie licensed game THIS bad in 2014 

The Verdict

Bad movie licensed games have pretty much established themselves as a constant in the video game industry from the get-go, but badly slapped together games like Rambo: The Video Game in an era, in which the sheer basic standard in game design is way high higher than what this game has to offer, are truely something remarkable.
Rambo: The Video Game might slightly stand out through its faithful recreation of iconic scenes and locations, that you can now experience in first person, but that's really everything positive there is to say about this giant mess of a game.
Being a full-on entirely scripted rail-shooter game, Rambo: The Video Game would've turned out better as an arcade machine in the 90s rather than a home console or PC release.
Aside from the fact that playing a rail-shooter without a light gun pracically makes no sense (even the Playstation Move controller can't replace a light gun), the game further digs itself in a deeper hole through flatout bad game design and incredibly bad graphics for a game released in 2014.
Perks like "never fail a quicktime-event", tacked-on co-op gameplay, and just entire sections in the game that completely contradict the pace of the movie the particular section is based on, further underline the fact that there was no deep thought put into the level- nor gameplay design.
Games like Time Crisis or House of the Dead show that rail-shooters can be incredibly fun , well designed games and that this isn't an outdated genre. But the monotonous and slapped together Rambo: The Video Game sure is lightyears away from being one of them.    


Final Verdict: 2 out of 10

Status: Horrible!

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