The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors - Recap Review

What's good

Regarding The Wolf Among Us as a whole:
- Awesome overall artstyle
- Fascinating world and atmosphere
- Very entertaining and exciting story
- Well written dialogue and characters
- Plenty of interesting backstories
- Nicely (subtely) implemented character development
- Seemingly smaller decisions affect you in the long run
- Being able to see what choices the majority of players picked after beating the episode  

Regarding specifically Episode 2: 

(- Bigger focus on investigations)
- Relations between characters get considerably thickened
- Another very effective, shocking, out-of-nowhere cliffhanger 

What's bad

Regarding specifically Episode 2:

- Only slowly and slightly moves the story forward. Mostly more questions, few answers
(- Missing balance. Very dialogue- and investigation-heavy. Only few action sequences)
- Shorter compared to Episode 1


- Some of Fabletown's inhabitants' secret perverted fantasies getting unveiled.

The Verdict

Now that Telltale Games successfully established The Wolf Among Us' exciting story about a Fable murder case, we finally got to dive even more into the case and simultaneously Fabletown's dirty criminal underground in Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors.
While all of the major positive aspects about the game as a whole are still intact (like the flawless comic art design, great writing, tricky decision making, etc.), Episode 2 indeed does move the story of the murder case forward but just not by a whole lot looking at the entirety of the episode.
Despite having a much bigger focus on dialogue and investigation gameplay this time around, Episode 2 mostly gives more questions and riddles to be solved in upcoming Episodes, than it does actually give answers to previous ones from the last episode.
With that said, action sequences are also fairly scarce in Episode 2, creating an imbalance between investigation and action, but at least the action (when it's there) still is just as engaging as it was before, despite being toned down in terms of destruction and violence.

Nevertheless, players of the first Episode owe it to themselves to play Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors to see how the story of Bigby and his investigation on the murder case continues.
Even considering this Episode's "bridging feel" due to its slow pace and the fact that players will have more questions than answers after Episode 2 is over, it sure is just another indicator that something even more sinister and grotesque than even this Episode's shocking finale is coming up in the next Episodes.  
Hopefully we don't get disappointed.

Final Verdict: 8 out of 10

Status: Great

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