Batman: Arkham Knight Announced!

Today saw the reveal of studio Rocksteady's next game - and big suprise, it's another Batman game.

Batman: Arkham Knight will yet again put you against gangs of mobsters in Gotham City as the highly popular DC comic book (super-)hero Batman.

This time around, the new Batman game will completely focus on next-gen hardware, being released only on PS4, Xbox One and PC.
Also, the batmobile, being shown off in various promo art for the game via GameInformer, is supposed to have a major role in the upcoming game. Probably it will serve as the major transportation method in a larger open world.

Batman: Arkham Knight will see release October 14, 2014.
Surely, we will see more of the game, including gameplay footage, at this year's E3.

But as of now, check out the game's sweet debut trailer below:

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