Non-Stop - Recap Review

What's good

- Intriguing premise
- Liam Neeson balancing his role between action hero and thriller protagonist
- Varied cast of actors and characters keeps you guessing till the end
- Great pacing of tension and suspense
- Fairly well placed action segments

What's bad

- Some tiresome, action anti-hero clichees feel forced in
- Ridiculously illogical and far-fetched villain motives


- That disappointing pay-off, due to the villain's highly illogical motives

The Verdict

With Non-Stop, Liam Neeson further establishes his new acting direction to action thriller movies while at the same time redeeming misguided earlier flicks like Taken 2.
Even though the movie's poster might lure you into thinking this movie would be a full on action flick, it is not. Instead, Non-Stop turns out to be a rather capable thriller that does a great job turning up a great amount of tension and suspense regarding the search of the blackmailing terrorist on the plane throughout its entire runtime.
A large and varied cast of characters and good actors furthermore really helps to set the mood and keep you guessing who the real villain is right till the end.
However, what really puts a dent into Non-Stop's overall experience, aside from some obviously forced in anti-hero clichees, is the story's lousy pay-off. Considering that the rest of the movie has been such an entertaining story to follow, this makes the incredibly far fetched and really illogical villain's motives very disappointing. Following this cat-and-mouse game for so long, the audience should've deserved a far better reason behind all that terror in the sky.

Non-Stop can be summed up as a mixed bag, even though it probably does more things right than wrong.
It sure is far away from being a thriller milestone, but its intriguing claustrophobic premise and great pacing alone make it a worthwile experience to sit through.


Final Verdict: 5 out of 10

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