The Lego Movie - Recap Review

What's good

- Fantastic, unique sense of humour for young and old
- Loads of great pop-culture references
- Incredibly heart-warming, spot-on message
- Several lovable characters
- Huge and varied cast of famous voice actors
- Great use of various licensed characters
- Very creative animation work

What's bad

- Action scenes occasionally get a bit too frantic, so that it's hard to keep track


- "The Man Upstairs"

The Verdict

Among the wide spectrum of various successful Lego media out there, The Lego Movie rises above what is already known about the popular toy by giving us a stunningly looking movie that gets everything right about what made Lego the highly popular toy for over many centuries to begin with.
Mixing stop motion with computer generated animation, the world and characters not only look like real living Lego toys but also have a specific individual character of their own. The result is a ridiculously large variety of good and evil characters, which are charismatic in their own regards all across the board.
Furthermore, what makes the Lego Movie truely standout, is that despite its supposed focus on kids' entertainment, it manages to establish a fantastic and unique sense of humor (already well known from the Lego games) that will greatly entertain children as well as adults with gags that seem to pop out each and every second.
Full of action scenes as well as comedy on the boarder of cute and raunchy while mixing in pop-culture references, the storyline of the Lego Movie is topped off with a wonderful message about what Lego is all about - the unique creativity and imagination of each individual person.
We expected a fun little Lego Movie, but not necessarily an animation movie about a toy that gets so many things so suprisingly right. Not bad, Lego. Not bad.


Final Verdict: 9 out of 10

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