Sabotage - Recap Review

What's good

- Intriguing premise
- Capable thriller elements
- Some good black humor
- Few but fairly good and brutal action set-pieces

What's bad

- Slow moving pace
- Overly big amount of childish sexual jokes and curses
- Characters mostly try way too hard to be "badass"
- Occasionally very clumsily handeled emotional moments
- Some story twists come out too suddenly and don't feel build-up to


- Sam Worthington being the most believable actor in the movie.

The Verdict

As of now, every new movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the title role (or at least a major role) comes off as yet another try for the action star to relaunch his career in Hollywood.
With that in mind, Sabotage is his most refreshing movie yet since his comeback in the film business, although the movie suffers from a severe case of misleading advertisement.
Different from what the trailers show you, Sabotage is much more of a thriller than a full-on action movie.
With an intriguing premise and some capable thriller elements, it manages to build up enough tension to keep your interest throughout the entirety of the movie, while some surprisingly well placed black humor and a few action set-pieces here and there further sweeten it up.
On the other hand however, Sabotage might just barely qualify as an "okay" thriller, but surely nothing more. With that said, Sabotage is lacking in several story-aspects that pull you out of the experience too frequently.
Especially, it's often hard to take most of the supposedly "professional" characters in the movie seriously when they are constantly throwing curse words and sexual jokes around to try to force that certain "badass"-characteristic on themselves. Not only does this feel incredibly out of place, childish and not fitting into the brutal realism the movie wants to depict, but it also makes for a noticable amount of unintentional comedic moments in the movie.

Nevertheless, Sabotage might be worth a watch if you don't expect a full-on Schwarzenegger action-movie, but rather an "okay" thriller that puts Arnold in a more subtle and calmer role.
Looking at its spectrum of faults however, Sabotage sure still isn't the big comeback fans expected, but at least something more uncommon and new in "Old-Arnie's" filmography.


Final Verdict: 3 out of 10

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