The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3: A Crooked Mile - Recap Review

What's good

Regarding The Wolf Among Us as a whole:

- Awesome overall artstyle
- Fascinating world and atmosphere
- Very entertaining and exciting story
- Well written dialogue and characters
- Plenty of interesting backstories
- Nicely (subtely) implemented character development
- Seemingly smaller decisions affect you in the long run
- Being able to see what choices the majority of players picked after beating the episode  

Regarding specifically Episode 3: 

- Tough decisions
- Great focus on making friends and enemies
- Character developments of the previous episodes show their effects
- Good amount of twists and turns
- Intense final scene 

What's bad

Regarding specifically Episode 3:

- Lack of action segments


- Guess who shows up at that final scene of the episode.

The Verdict

After the fairly slow moving second Episode, Smoke and Mirrors, Telltale delivered a game changing third act.
Serving as a dramatic highpoint in Wolf Among Us' first season, it might disappoint some gamers in terms of engaging action segments, but it obviously puts a lot of emphasis on tough decision resulting in making "winning friends over to one's side" or "making new enemies/obstacles in your investigation" a crucial strong point in A Crooked Mile.
Furthermore, what makes Episode 3 stand out is that most of the conversations in this epsiode clearly underline the character development that player's have witnessed from the start on.
Several character developments reach their influenced effects, while other tough decisions further hint at interesting consequences and relationships with certain characters in future epsisodes.
Aside from several twists and turns that greatly change what we thought about certain characters (and most importantly, who we thought was the killer), Episode 3 overall picks up the narrative dynamic with more answers than Episode 2 that lead to new (and true) targets, and therefore develop the story in great and intense fashion.
Lastly, the great final scene serves as an intense ending to this episode as well as a nice anticipation-generator for the next one.

Final Verdict: 9 out of 10

Status: Amazing!

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