Battlefield: Hardline Gameplay Trailer Leaks!

Not only official game announcements but also leaks and rumors for yet unnanounced games (intended for E3) flood the internet from all sides recently.

This afternoon, a gameplay trailer for EA's next entry in the Battlefield franchise, Battlefield: Hardline, leaked onto the web.

Battlefield: Hardline will have a police vs. crime setting with its episodically structured singleplayer campaign focussing strongly on gadgets, multiple ways of approaching levels and a supposedly branching storyline.
The multiplayer will have a similar focus on gadgets along with a bunch of new gameplay modes.

Due to the big amount of new info to the game's gameplay, better just check out the video for yourself.

Update: Reacting to the leak today, EA just officially announced the game and promises more of it to be revealed at this year's E3.

Expect Battlefield: Hardline to be released sometime this fall.

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