The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4: In Sheep's Clothing - Recap Review

What's good

Regarding The Wolf Among Us as a whole:

- Awesome overall artstyle
- Fascinating world and atmosphere
- Very entertaining and exciting story
- Well written dialogue and characters
- Plenty of interesting backstories
- Nicely (subtely) implemented character development
- Seemingly smaller decisions affect you in the long run
- Being able to see what choices the majority of players picked after beating the episode  

Regarding specifically Episode 4: 

- Some characters' secrets revealed
- Getting close to the Crooked Man

What's bad

Regarding specifically Episode 4:

- Very short (ca. 1 hour)
- Only mildly moves the overall plot forward
- The cliffhanger could've been a whole lot better


- The true reason behind Nerissa's line "These lips are sealed".

The Verdict

After the great Episode 3, which served as a great highlight of The Wolf Among Us so far, Episode 4 sadly kind of feels like a let down.
Even though some characters' true intentions and secrets get revealed, Episode 4 moves on on a very slow pace and only very mildly brings the overall plot of Season 1 forward.
Futhermore, it's a shame that Episode 4 only really starts to get interesting right when the already short 1 hour episode ends on a cliffhanger, which could've been far more effective if the episode went on just a little bit longer.
Episode 4 is ultimately not a bad episode but a fairly disappointing one considering that it followed the well written and designed Episode 3.
Here's hoping that The Wolf Among Us doesn't let us down in the final stretch of the story, when Episode 5 will soon supposedly end Wolf Among Us' first season. 

Final Verdict: 6 out of 10 

Status: Okay

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