Transcendence - Recap Review

What's good

- Intriguing (albeit well known) sci-fi premise
- Some thought provoking ideas

What's bad

- Switches from a too fast onto a too slow pace
- Extremely shallow and badly explained sci-fi ideas
- Several illogical plot holes
- Scratches only the bare surface of all of its aimed themes and topics
- Bland characters, that are hard to care for
- Acting performances ranging from decent to cheesy
- Partially fairly dumb (or at least goofy sounding) dialogue


- Terrorists shooting with radioactive bullets...because usual ones apparently aren't lethal enough.

The Verdict

Despite the fact, that it boasts an intriguing, yet pretty well known "what if our technology gets the upper hand"-premise, Transcendence shows that talented cinematographers don't necessarly make for good directors.
In this case, Nolan-cinematographer Wally Pfister might deliver a visually appealing movie, but not much else.
Along with several plot holes and shallow in-depth explanations of how the technological sci-fi ideas in the movie actually work (the movie never clearly explains how exactly a human spirit is ported into a computer), Transcendence has an undeniably empty feel to it.
It's a movie that wants to tackle almost universally current topics like "Man vs. Machine", "When has technological advancement come too far" and most importantly "What makes us human?", yet it delivers absolutely nothing noteworthy to answer those big questions.
Often the movie script feels like sci-fi fan fiction written by a 13-year old, who wanted to get attention by simply having those themes in his movie.
The fact that popular and talented actors like Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman come off as incredibly thinly written, make it additionally hard to develop any real kind of sympathy for anybody in the movie.

In the end of the day, Transcendence itself wants to be a very smart sci-fi movie through its tackled themes and questions alone, but doesn't have anything in-depth and well written enough to answer them with.
It's a movie that, despite its respectable cast, only scratches the absolute bare surface of what potential its intriguing sci-fi themes offer.
With a mainly too slow pace to qualify as a thriller, and being way too thinly written to be interesting for sci-fi fans, Transcendence is sadly a big failure that will most likely only bore you.


Final Verdict: 2 out of 10

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