First Doom 4 Teaser Released!

E3 2014 is fully happening right as of now and in the wake of the event it comes to no surprise that the web is being bombarded with new gameplay footage, trailers, interviews and more for upcoming games.

Taking advantage of the show's buzz is (among others) Bethesda, who released the first teaser for the long overdue Doom 4 (or according to the teaser, simply "Doom").
The CG teaser trailer showcases the rise of the iconic Cyber-Demon accompanied by a dystopian narrator.
No release date for the game is given but considering that Wolfenstein: The New Order was shipped with a Beta Access for Doom 4, this could mean that the game isn't even too far away from being released.

Lastly, the teaser trailer promises a full reveal of the game at QuakeCon this year, which takes place July 17 - 20, 2014.

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