Homefront: The Revolution Announced!

2011's Homefront wasn't very much of a critical hit, yet nevertheless Crytek obtained the rights to the franchise some time ago and since has been working on a sequel.

Today, Crytek and co-publisher Deep Silver revealed the sequel - Homefront: The Revolution.

Being released for PS4 and Xbox One, the sequel will focus further on the American resistance in a dystopian U.S. defeated by South Korea.
The CGI debut trailer for the game serves (just like the MKX trailer today) only as a short glimpse and appetizer for the gameplay reveal next week at E3.
Nevertheless, the game's now very futuristic setting reminds one heavily of the recent Wolfenstein: The New Order.
Being developed by Crytek, it's also very likely that the CGI trailer features (at least to some extent) graphics that probably won't be too far off from what we will see in the in-game footage powered by the incredible CryEngine.

Let's hope Homefront: The Revolution will hold up much better than its predecessor, now that it's in new hands.

Homefront: The Revolution will be released sometime in 2015 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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