22 Jump Street - Recap Review


What's good

- Self-referencing gags that make fun of sequels and buddy-cop movie clichees
- Ice Cube's performance stealing the show
- Good final showdown

What's bad

- Very obviously lost surprise factor of the original
- "Bromance" topic is played out too frequently, making it become tedious very quickly
- Many gags/scenes are ripped off from the predecessor or are guilty of "trying too hard"
- Overall investigation story ain't all that exciting


- The hint at what's coming up next in 23 Jump Street.

The Verdict

21 Jump Street was one of the most pleasant surprises of the year when it came out back in 2012.
Expectedly, a sequel has been in the works as a result of its success. Yet sadly, 22 Jump Street turns out to be obviously and severly lacking the fresheness and surprise factor of its predecessor.
Now that audiences generally know what kind of comedy and sense of humor they are in for, it's very unfortunate to see that most of 22 Jump Street's comedy doesn't really follow up on the foundation laid out by the first movie but rather comes off as simply trying too hard. It results in many gags of the movie either completely falling flat or becoming so unfunny that it becomes embarassing. The fact, that the movie lingers way too much on the quickly tedious "Bromance" topic in its already fairly boring and too straight-forward investigation story, doesn't help either.
22 Jump Street is not a complete disaster of a movie though. The movie still does have occasionally pretty well done gags, which again primarily focus on self-reference regarding teenage- or buddy-cop-movie clichees. And of course, Ice Cube's performance once again pretty much outshines everybody else's.
With that said, 22 Jump Street does have some well done gags spread out over the entire course of its runtime, yet those are simply too far apart to make it a constantly fun experience. All things considered, 22 Jump Street is an inconsistent, bumpy ride and a mixed bag of a movie that only partially does justice to its superior predecessor.


Final Verdict: 5 out of 10

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