Lucy - Recap Review

What's good

- Interesting premise and ideas
- Charismatic leading performance by Scarlett Johansson
- Entertaining (albeit sometimes silly) action scenes

What's bad

- Some weird attempts to be artsy that go nowhere
- Prof. Morgan Freeman's tiresome, endless exposition trying to overcome the movie's logical gaps
- Lucy's powers eventually reach a certain level of power that it becomes absolutely ridiculous
- Quite a bit pseudo-intellectual towards the end


- So basically i am able to get godlike X-Men powers through accessed brain capacity?

The Verdict

Overall, Luc Besson's Lucy amounts to a guilty pleasure kind of movie at best. 
The movie is undoubtedly ambitious considering that it has an interesting premise and some nice ideas up its sleeve, yet ultimately the movie mostly works better in theory than in actual practice. Along with some positively intended yet ultimately aimless attempts to be artsy, the movie also suffers from some overlong exposition and huge logical gaps that lead to Lucy gaining ridiculous superhuman powers that make the whole affair become increasingly silly as the movie goes on.

But nevertheless, as long as you just accept and go with the movie's fun yet unrealistcally goofy ideas, Lucy might just be enough to serve as an entertaining little flick to fill out your evening. Yet viewers expecting a realistic and down-to-earth take on the theme of accessing the full human brain capacity should definitely avoid Lucy at all costs.    


Final Verdict: 4 out of 10

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