The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5: Cry Wolf - Recap Review

What's good

Regarding The Wolf Among Us as a whole:

- Awesome overall artstyle
- Fascinating world and atmosphere
- Very entertaining and exciting story
- Well written dialogue and characters
- Plenty of interesting backstories
- Nicely (subtely) implemented character development
- Seemingly smaller decisions affect you in the long run
- Being able to see what choices the majority of players picked after beating the episode  

Regarding specifically Episode 5: 

- All of the season's loose ends get tied up,...
- ...yet the feel of there still being something brooding fuels our lust for Season 2
- Very intense action scenes
- Difficult decisions that greatly alter the tone of the ending
- Great final twists and turns
- Bigby vs. Bloody Mary
- The "Big Bad Wolf"
- All of your previous decisions effectively round up in the final scenes

What's bad

Regarding specifically Episode 5:

- (Could've been stretched a bit longer, seeing that this is the season finale)
- The Crooked Man's intentions are a bit underwhelming
- One particular event regarding Toad seems unchangable


- Taking off one of the girls' ribbons.

The Verdict

Episode 5: Cry Wolf ends the first season of the Wolf Among Us in great fashion, despite there being some hit and miss episodes throughout the season.
Featuring some if not THE most intense action scenes of the season including the long awaited showdown between Bigby and Blood Mary, Cry Wolf is full of expected spectacle. Yet it's not only a climax on an action based level but also regarding your decisions. With nearly every single one of all of your decisions you made throughout the season coming back to you in some way (especially during the final scene), Cry Wolf forces the player to make very hard decisions in this climax that manage to greatly alter the tone of the season's ending.
Sadly though, seeing that this is the big built up to season finale, the Crooked Man's true intentions feel a bit too straight-forward making the build up and whole investigation throughout the episodes itself ultimately more exciting than the actual payoff here.  
Nevertheless, Cry Wolf greatly emphasizes that sometimes there just is no completely good "fairytale ending" in life and that the world mostly is not black and white but painted in shades of grey.
As with Bigby, true heroes aren't always that obvious to spot, underlining his anti-hero image most effectively here than in any episode before.
With that said, despite most of the essential loose ends of the season being tied up, Cry Wolf still ends with an awkward yet welcome feel that there will always be something brooding out there in Fabletown.
As a result, we cannot wait for what's coming up next in Season 2!

Final Verdict: 9 out of 10 

Status: Amazing!

(Final Verdict for the entire Season: 8 out of 10)

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