Guardians of the Galaxy - Recap Review

What's good

- Incredibly charismatic and lovable protagonists
- Doesn't take itself too seriously resulting in some great humor
- Exciting action scenes full of spectacle
- Follows the Marvel Cinematic Universe continuity, yet is very accessable for newcomers
- Catchy soundtrack

What's bad

- Bland, over-the-top acting villain
- Occasionally unclear character motivations
- Some overly emotional moments feel a bit out of place and forced in 


- You are never going to guess who shows up in the post-credits scene.

The Verdict

Although Guardians of the Galaxy occasionally feels like it's working itself through a checklist of "what makes a good Marvel movie nowadays", there's no denying that Guardians manages to distance itself succesfully from other Marvel superhero flicks through its embraced sillyness and rich sci-fi world (although it could've been even better if the movie didn't hold back through the PG-13 rating). 
Yet, what the movie benefits the most from however are its ridiculously lovable characters. Though the movie's humor starts out a bit slow at the beginning, it rather quickly picks up to frequently fun heights when the Guardians meet and interact with each other. Each of the characters' personalities are equally flawed AND lovable at the same time to such a point that it becomes genuinely hard to decide who of them you like best. 
Though Guardians is quite some blocks away from being a deep, complex and meaningful movie in the Marvel canon, the movie knows very well how to be a very efficient crowd pleasing and simple minded blockbuster feel-good movie for a good time. 
Especially through the characters' charisma and mixed in emotional resonance (which though sadly sometimes goes a little overboard) Guardians manages to avoid being a brainless, dull CGI-bombardement ala TMNT or Transformers. Sure, there is still tons of the usual CGI spectacle in the movie, and some characters like most notably the main antagonist Ronan feel very stock in comparison to the Guardians themselves, yet this is one of those blockbuster movies that is genuinely going to entertain you with just an overall well done mix action, comedy and actually charismatic protagonists. Therefore, despite its story being quite far away from being anything too special, it's the Guardians of the Galaxy's big confidence in its characters and humor that will most likely make you leave the theater with a big smile.      


Final Verdict: 7 out of 10

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