Badass Liam Neeson Returns in the New Taken 3 Trailer!

Though Taken 2, the follow-up on the surprise action-thriller hit Taken, lacked much of the freshness of Liam Neeson's sudden badass performance from the original, it was obviously still enough to warrant a sequel.

Taken 3, which is now officially (and ridiculously) titled "TAKE3N", aims to complete Liam Neeson's kidnapping chase adventures in the form of a trilogy. Though kidnapping will eventually find its way into this third part's story in one way or another, judging from what the first trailer for Taken 3 tells us, this supposedly final chapter will focus more on a "The Fugitive" kind of vibe. With Liam Neeson now being framed for murdering his wife, he finds himself chasing the people responsible for his wife's death as well as simultaneously trying to escape the police.

While Taken 3 seems to nevertheless feature more of the "been there done that" from the previous two flicks round up with some hammy dialogue, the "framing" plot may just deliver enough to make Taken 3 an at least enjoyable entry in this stale franchise.

We will find out when Taken 3 hits theaters January 9, 2015.

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