TGS 2014: New Final Fantasy XV Trailer Shows that Size Matters!

Without any doubt one of the biggest games coming from Asian developers is the next Final Fantasy title, Final Fantasy XV.
After a very impressive E3 trailer debut that showed that seemingly the entire traditional FF gameplay has been vastly revamped to be made more fluid and action oriented, this year's new TGS trailer gives additional footage showing off the big landscapes, monsters and supposedly huge and varied worlds to roam in.

Along with graphical improvements, Final Fantasy XV slowly but promisingly seems to turn out as one of the most important turning points for the franchise yet, seeing that it obviously puts a bigger focus on atmosphere and exploration.
Being stated as "still in development" we will still have quite some time to wait for a specific release date as of now. Therefore, expect it to see a release in 2016 or later for Xbox One and PS4.

Check out the trailer below:

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