The November Man - Recap Review

What's good

- Occasional signs of potential
- Some scenes with a good dynamic and tension between Brosnan and Bracey

What's bad

- Partially very nonsensical and overly convoluted plot
- No real highlights
- Quickly falls back on genre-clichees and therefore becomes fairly predictable
- Too many dragging scenes 


- Some of Brosnan's actions are so overly agressive at points that it becomes kind of hard to actually root for him.

The Verdict

Though The November Man occasionally hints at having ideas that could potentially turn it into a quite satisfying spy-thriller that rises above mediocrity, the movie unfortunately quickly shows to run out of steam. 
With countless spy-thriller genre-clichees being repeated in many scenes that make the movie at parts so predictable that you can actually guess which lines the actors' are gonna speak next, The November Man's various dragging parts are only a testament that the movie doesn't know how to truely surprise the audience or how to keep the viewers' genuine interest. Occasional scenes that capture the aimed for cat-and-mouse chase dynamic are there, yet sadly just don't last long enough to make it a notable strength. With that said, with no real highlights to speak of nor a consistently intriguing plot, there's little to really recommend about this technically competently made yet incredibly forgettable thriller.
Brosnan fans and people looking for a simple thriller to kill some time with might find some joy here, yet even those should definitely adjust their expectations considerably.     


Final Verdict: 3 out of 10

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