Our First Look At Star Wars: Episode VII!

Today, our first clear look at what the next Star Wars movie is going to look like can be seen in the first Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer.

Being only a 1:30 Min. teaser, the teaser itself doesn't give too much away of the story of course and rather focusses on iconic shots that aim to establish the iconic Star Wars feeling fans all over the world crave - yet the movie also features somewhat of an "updated" feel. With that said, though the movie's tech and art design does feature some of J.J.Abrams trademark style, the trailer nevertheless does a great job of providing a mix of old and new: new Stormtrooper suits, the return of the Millenium Falcon, a supposedly new Sith enemy (with a weird Braveheart-Lightsword), and a very cool shot of X-Wing Fighters flying over a big lake. It's all cool and good stuff for what it's worth and a nice appetizer for what's to come.

Yet, there's still over a year of waiting to do until Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters in December 18, 2015.  

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