First Ant-Man Teaser Plays It (a bit too) Safe

The first teaser for Marvel's newcomer to the Phase 2 in Marvel's Cinematic Universe "Ant-Man" just arrived.
Played by Paul Rudd, Ant-Man tells the story of thief Scott Lang given the superpower to shrink (or eventually also grow) in size to his liking through the Ant-Man Suit.
Doesn't sound exciting? Well, you certainly are not alone in that regard. Along with a troubled development, Ant-Man's first teaser might give us a clearer vision to what exactly to expect from the movie at least from a visual standpoint, but the teaser still doesn't show Ant-Man taking full advantage of his powers in actual action scenes against foes. Therefore, Ant-Man's first teaser plays it to some extent way too safe given the odds and worries by potential viewers standing against it.
Though we see some nice shots of Ant-Man riding on...well..ants, it seems like we still have to wait a bit longer for the full trailer to get a true taste of whether Ant-Man is a strong enough superhero to hold together an entire movie all by himself.

We will find out July 17, 2015 the latest when Ant-Man hits theaters.

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