The Fantastic Four Get Serious in The First Teaser Trailer!

20th Century Fox doesn't give up on the Fantastic Four and decided to reboot the franchise for 2015 with a completely new and more serious approach for the four heroes. And now we get our first actual look at how their vision takes form.
Though it may come off as straying too far from the source material from the comics, the new and much younger cast and darker tone for the Fantastic Four at least does a far better job in making the heroes feel quite a bit fresher again and less stale (and it sure as hell looks far less generic and goofy than the first two Fantastic Four movies from 2005 and 2007).
Being a teaser trailer though, we only get some glimpses and just a sense for what tone the movie seems to be aiming for. With that said, we still mainly don't know anything about the movie's actual story or the heroes' supposedly drastically altered origin storyline.
But for what it's worth, the Fantastic Four reboot teaser could've looked much worse.  

The Fantastic Four will arrive in theaters August 7, 2015.

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