Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2015

We are only at the beginning of 2015 but we already got a great outlook on what movies to look forward to in this very exciting year for movies.
Though sequels of course are expectedly on the forefront, 2015 surprisingly enough marks the return of many classic movie franchises but also some new ideas that we can't wait to see when they finally hit theaters.

But without spoiling too much beforehand, let's just take a look at Invisible Kid's Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2015.


The Martian
directed by Ridley Scott

Original novel cover by Eric White

The Martian directed by Ridley Scott has the potential of becoming a great blend of Mission To Mars meets Cast Away.
Especially when keeping in mind that Ridley Scott's most well received works mostly center around the science-fiction genre, The Martian could mark a great opportunity to get back in the game for Ridley Scott after his rather poorly received two movies, The Counselor and Exodus.
Additionally, with a great leading cast consisting out of Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain, The Martian also boasts some talented actors able to make its dramatic elements work.
With only very little known about the movie itself up until now, we accordingly let it start our list as the number 10.


Mission: Impossible 5
directed by Christopher McQuarrie

Fanposter by Spacer114

The Mission: Impossible franchise is one of those franchises that seemingly could go on forever by just putting Tom Cruise (yet again) in another new mission. But Tom Cruise's movie career recently comes off as a big roller-coaster ride: After disappointments like Oblivion come sudden surprise hits like Edge of Tomorrow. Resultingly, it becomes kind of hard to predict whether Cruise's next work will be worth the wait or not.
Yet with Mission: Impossible, Cruise has a very rock solid backup franchise that pretty much always seems to work out fine. Except for the cheesy MI2, all Mission: Impossible flicks up to this point have been solid to great action entertainment with numerous great stunts and set-piece moments. And considering that the previous entry in the series, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, gave us a great new team of protagonists with newly added members like Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg, Mission: Impossible 5 is very likely to come off as simply great action entertainment as long as it sticks to the traditional formula. The fact that the movie's release date got pushed up a total of 5 months from its original one (from December to July!) only gives more reason to believe that Paramount Pictures is very confident in MI5's success.


The Last Witch Hunter
directed by Breck Eisner

It's been quite some time since action star Vin Diesel did any action movies aside from the Riddick- or Fast & Furious franchise. Therefore, 2015's The Last Witch Hunter may just do the trick. Supposedly mixing elements of action and horror, The Last Witch Hunter poses Vin Diesel in the titular role as...well...the last witch hunter. Being an immortal witch hunter, Diesel is hunting down the Witch Queen in modern day New York City and trying to prevent her from unleashing a devastating plague upon mankind.
Sadly enough, aside from a first poster, there is only very little known about the movie. Therefore it's hard to tell whether the movie will go for a more horror oriented route or rather a more PG-13 rated blockbuster. Anyway, The Last Witch Hunter could very well be what Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters should've been. And seeing Vin Diesel in an action movie without any tuned cars or aliens around is also a refreshing change of pace for the actor's filmography.  


directed by Peyton Reed

We pretty much already reached a point from which it seems like Marvel Studios can pull off a movie of seemingly anyone of its large roster of various superheroes. Most notably Thor and Captain America were two of the probably hardest to market and to introduce superheroes Marvel has to offer, and even those two now mark strong characters in Marvel's Cinematic Universe.
Is director Peyton Reed able to achieve the same success with Ant-Man?
Considering that Ant-Man is such a difficult to market character (a superhero with the ability to shrink and grow in size) and seeing that the movie itself went through countless troubles during its development and pre-production phase with many directors jumping off the project, it's easy to get worried about Ant-Man.
The first teaser of Ant-Man also played things a bit too safe and didn't quite manage to really sell us this new superhero in a way that we feel like he actually is able to carry his very own movie. At the very least, it's very unclear at this point whether Ant-Man will turn out as a great movie, but at least we are very curious to find out.


 The Avengers: Age of Ultron 
directed by Joss Whedon

The Avengers assemble once again in 2015 to take on a new and quite frankly much more intimidating enemy, Ultron.
With Joss Whedon once again in the directing chair, it's a no-brainer that Avengers 2 will just as easily cross the 1 billion dollar box-office mark as easily as its predecessor. Trailers revealed big destruction set-pieces caused by Ultron's robot army, new additions to the Avengers in the form of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, as well as a big fight between Iron Man (in the Hulk-Buster suit) against the Hulk.
It's clear that Avengers 2 will without any doubt deliver on all fronts in terms of action entertainment and will be one of the biggest successes of 2015.
Then why is it so low on this Top 10 list? The reason is simple: After the first Avengers movie, we already witnessed how it feels to see your favorite superheroes team up and battle evil goons in big spectacular set-pieces...but will Avengers 2 only be more of the same or does it come up with new ideas? Captain America: The Winter Soldier was a great example of a Marvel movie trying to take on new ideas, ways or genres (CA: Winter Soldier actually felt more like a spy-thriller than a full-on action movie). Can Avengers 2 do the same thing? Avengers 2 will undoubtedly be packed with action, but let's hope it manages to be even more than just set-piece after set-piece and avoids becoming a Marvel version of a Transformers movie. 


The Hateful Eight
directed by Quentin Tarantino 

The Hateful Eight is supposedly Quentin Tarantino's last movie, which in itself is somewhat reason enough to get excited as to what kind of send-off the popular director will deliver.
Though it's a bit disappointing that Tarantino immediately aims to make another Western after Django Unchained (even though Django Unchained actually was more Blacksploitation than Western), The Hateful Eight features an awesome cast of more "traditional Tarantino" actors. Without any disrespect to Christoph Waltz, it's great to see that Tarantino brings back actors like Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Samuel Jackson and Kurt Russel to take part in his newest movie.
And seeing how the movie's plot has the titular eight shady characters pit against each other in a stagecoach stop-over local, means that we are in for a movie with a lot of tense moments and dialogue scenes that eventually lead to some brutal deaths.
Even though Tarantino movies still appeal quite a bit more to his devoted fanbase audience than to mainstream crowds, there's no reason not to be excited for another Tarantino movie if you dig his trademark style.


Mad Max: Fury Road
directed by George Miller

Let's be honest for a second: There really was no reason to make a fourth Mad Max movie when Mel Gibson was clearly not available to reprise the role. Mel Gibson gave Mad Max his memorable style and put him on the cinematic map in the first place. It should've started and ended with him.
Mad Max: Fury Road, the fourth entry in the series, however features Tom Hardy in the titular role. To give even more reasons to worry, Fury Road was in development for many years due to several legal troubles and other obstacles dating all the way back to the year 2000.
It was only when the first very impressive trailer for the movie came out during last year's Comic Con that worries quickly got put to rest. Though Tom Hardy still feels more like a different character, Mad Max: Fury Road seems to capture exactly what Mad Max is all about: the rough action, the atmosphere, the style. And it's no wonder since director of the original movies, George Miller, is back to direct this new entry and resultingly knows exactly how a Mad Max movie has to be done. Fury Road really gives hope that Mad Max stories indeed can be effectively told in the 21st century. If the final movie will come off as only half as impressive as the trailers, we're in for quite an exciting ride.


Jurassic World
directed by Colin Trevorrow

Another movie that was stuck in development hell for a very long time.
After the poor critical reception of Jurassic Park III, which ultimately was a not very inspired been-there-done-that experience, Jurassic Park IV was originally meant to include genetically engineered hybrids of humanoid dinosaurs used for military purposes...Of course this ridiculous idea was quickly scratched and the idea of a Jurassic Park IV movie alltogether was resultingly put to rest for many years.
With a new script ready, work on Jurassic Park IV was picked up again with director Colin Trevorrow soon jumping on board as the director.
The now titled "Jurassic World", just like its title suggests, takes the franchise's general idea one step further by not taking place in "the theme park that one day could've opened" but rather in "the theme park that actually IS open". The first trailer for Jurassic World greatly depicted how Jurassic World is now a fully functional entertainment park full of visitors having fun gazing at the prehistoric animals. It only makes things the more interesting when thinking about what will happen when the newly revealed main antagonist-dino (the "Indominus Rex", a genetically engineered hybrid dinosaur) is wreaking havoc on the park and feasts on its visitors. Additionally, with Chris Pratt as the main protagonist watching over two visitor kids and Bryce Dallas Howard, his cocky yet heroic persona probably fits just right into this blockbuster flick.
It's still interesting to find out whether Jurassic World will manage to reawake the excitement from the very first Jurassic Park on top with new ideas or if its formula is still going to feel like it's only more of the same. But simply judging by the trailer (which sadly didn't show any practical dino-effects though), we gladly take the risk to find it out for ourselves in theaters.


James Bond 007: Spectre
directed by Sam Mendes

Though every fan has his very own preferences of which James Bond he or she likes best, 2012's Skyfall did a fantastic job in pulling the Bond franchise out of its financial crisis it was suffering at the time. With Skyfall, Sam Mendes delivered one of the very best Bond movies out of the entire franchise (consisting out of 24 movies up until now). Skyfall resisted relying on overly CG-heavy tricks or gadgetry and instead delivered a far more grounded and personal story that was absolutely gripping from start to finish. Well established themes, memorable characters, great performances and very impressive action scenes made Skyfall expectedly a huge commercial as well as critical hit.

Do I really need to explain anymore why it's justified to be very excited for the next Bond movie called Spectre?
Though Spectre's storyline is only roughly outlined (not taking into account the leaked script), Spectre is a Bond movie that deserves all of its hype by the movie's sheer "ingredients": Sam Mendes returns as the director, Daniel Craig returns as James Bond, Christoph Waltz will play a big part in the movie (most likely the main villain), Ralph Fiennes is back as M, as is pretty much everyone else from the previous entry (Skyfall). Oh, and also Bond's new Aston Martin looks great.

Sure, it would be a bit naive to completely base Spectre's probable success only on the movie's director and cast, but seeing that director Sam Mendes specific vision of James Bond's story and the character himself turned out so successful and effective in Skyfall, it's very likely that the director will continue with this well established and fitting style for this "21st century Bond" in Spectre.


Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens
directed by J.J.Abrams

Seriously...was there ANY way that this movie wouldn't be on the number 1 spot?

Star Wars is a franchise that defined and scarred generations both at the same time. It's a franchise that makes fans love its creator George Lucas just as much as it makes them want to punch him in the face. It's a franchise that manages to seemlessly blend together elements from multiple genres into one giant universe. It's a franchise of such an importance to pop-culture that making another worthy seventh entry must feel like defusing an atomic bomb for the director.

With that said, there is aboslutely NO way that every single movie-goer or let alone Star Wars fan will be pleased with how Episode VII (directed by J.J.Abrams) will eventually turn out.
But considering the circumstances, with Disney now being the main "owner" of the Star Wars franchise, they probably will do a much better job in managing creative decisions for future Star Wars movies than George Lucas himself (do i really need to explain why?).
Of course pretty much everything about Star Wars Episode VII aside from its title, cast and some glimpses here and there from the first short teaser are held under very tight wraps. But simply judging by what we know about the movie up until now, the movie seems to shape up to be a nice blend of J.J.Abrams more polished trademark sci-fi visuals (present in other movies like Star Trek), as well as nicely updated visuals of the classic Star Wars universe (like the updated Stormtrooper suits).

Of course as good as nothing is known about Star Wars Episode VII's plot aside from the fact that it's set 30 years after the events of The Return of the Jedi and that it will feature a completely new cast of protagonists. And like it or not, the approach of focussing mainly on a new cast of heroes is probably the smartest thing a new Star Wars movie (and supposedly first movie of a new trilogy) could do. Not only does it give the Star Wars universe a chance to introduce new ideas and characters, but it also manages to create a healthy and respectable distance to the other two trilogies of the franchise.

As already mentioned, there is still tons of stuff that we don't know about Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens since it only sees a release in December of this year, meaning that there is still quite some waiting to be done.
Yet given how much anticipation, curiosity and high expectations rest on this sequel that aims to continue the Star Wars story and expand its universe, it was clear right from the get-go that Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens is Invisible Kid's pick for the Most Anticipated Movie of 2015.


Honorable Mentions:

Black Mass
Crimson Peak
Fantastic Four
Furious 7
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2
Inside Out
Jupiter Ascending
The Revenant
Victor Frankenstein
The Walk

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