Evolve - Recap Review


What's good

- Generally very well balanced asymterical 4v1 gameplay mechanics
- Hunters: Big emphasis on teamwork makes every member feel crucial to achieve victory
- Monsters: Alternation between retreat, stealth and brute force tactics actually makes you feel like a hunting beast or the prey
- Vivid maps full of other dangerous wildlife make them feel like alive alien locations

What's bad

- The tacked on storyline doesn't lead to anything and could've easily been completely left out (Titanfall-Syndrome)
- Having to do monotone challenges and tasks in order to unlock new characters
- Only 3 available monsters to choose from
- Not enough variety in game modes
- Caused environmental hazards only manage to change up the course of a match to limited effect
(- Due to the game's shortcomings, matches CAN feel very repetitive in the longrun) 
- Over-reliance on DLC  


- The various weird stories being told by the Hunters before being dropped into the map

The Verdict

Evolve very much feels like a game that follows the footsteps of Titanfall's set trend of asymetrical gameplay (4v1) and builds upon this. It's a game that initially amazes with its inventive new idea in combination with a thoroughly well balanced gameplay between the Hunters and Monsters. Yet after a couple of hours of gameplay, Evolve quickly tends to show more and more that it's a game that actually isn't as complete or finished as it might seem at first.
Even though both sides, Hunters and Monsters, make playing a match feel very different depending which side you're on, Evolve is a game that sadly can very quickly feel very repetitive due to a lack of enough variety and content. Most notably the fact that only a total of three selectable monsters are available at launch makes matches often feel very predictable, since the unique Monsters' abilities and tactics are nothing after a couple of matches. In addition, other ill-advised game decisions like having to do monotonous challenges in order to unlock new Hunter skills and types further beat unlucky dents into the experience.
But even considering that Evolve doesn't ooze innovation out of every pore, the game nevertheless can be fun if you got the right team in a match. With the game putting such a big emphasis on the Hunter squad's strategic teamwork and the Monster's tactics varying between attacking, stealthing and retreating, matches in Evolve are only still fun in the longrun when the players actually take advantage of the games "hunt or be hunted"-gameplay...otherwise matches simply "devolve" into redundant button-mashing shootouts over time.

All in all, Evolve is undoubtedly a brave and interesting game that after a while sadly feels quite a bit unfinished and holding back a whole lot. Therefore, the initial novelty and impressive presentation of the game quickly fades away due to the game's limited scope in content. 
Evolve will certainly find its group of dedicated fans and indeed delivers fun in separate playsessions as long as players fully take advantage of its emphasized tactical gameplay aspects. But as of now, Evolve simply doesn't deliver memorable matches frequently enough to really leave a definitive mark on the competitive multiplayer landscape - even though its ambitious intentions and foundation are to be admired. 


Final Verdict: 6 out of 10

Status: Okay / Try it out

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