First Trailer for the Poltergeist Remake "is heeeere"

The first trailer for the Poltergeist remake is now online and gives a first taste of how things shape up to be for this horror flick. After recent news that the remake supposedly aims to not actually play out like a horror movie, which instantly gave reasons to worry, the Poltergeist trailer however still seems to be selling this remake primarily as a horror movie to us.
Following closely the very same story of the 1982 original, Poltergeist seems to distinguish itself mainly from the original with a whole lot of updates regarding its modern age setting (with cellphone haunting, etc.) as well as a big emphasis on CGI-effects.
Yet, with that said, many of the climactic over-the-top moments towards the end of the original even seem quite a bit too over-the-top now in the remake (as far as we can judge by the footage shown).
Judging from this first look we got from the movie, the remake as of now seems to be looking predictably "just okay". But CGI-updates don't necessarily make a remake a "good remake". And especially considering how much of a classic the original Poltergeist is, the Poltergeist remake still has to proof that it delivers new and original scares instead of simply redoing and mimicing the one's of the original with CGI-trickery.

We will find out when Poltergeist will haunt theaters on July 24, 2015.

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