Kingsman: The Secret Service - Recap Review

What's good

- Nice comicy over-the-top style that puts a twist on spy-thrillers
- Plenty of entertaining and graphic action sequences (albeit with a bit too much slow-mo)
- Very simple yet solid enough story that fits the overall style
- Good lead and likable protagonist   

What's bad

- Oftentimes too focussed on offending through pure shock value
- Goofy and uninteresting villain
- The simple storyline can become fairly predictable


- That "church scene" which is likely to offend quite some viewers

The Verdict

What Kick-Ass is to superhero movies, Kingsman is to spy thrillers.
Kingsman is pretty consistent in pulling off its comicy vibe and over-the-top style from the start of its relatively simple yet fun story up until the end. With that said, the movie follows a relatively predictable overall storyline that takes quite some inspiration from other movies like Men in Black and Matthew Vaughn's very own Kick-Ass, yet it boasts enough creative own ideas to still entertain throughout its 2 hour running time.
Coming from the same creator of the Kick-Ass comic, Mark Millar, and even the same director of the Kick-Ass movie, Matthew Vaughn, it's therefore a bit unfortunate that Kingsman oftentimes overdoes its own trademark hyper-violence. Thus, there are quite some scenes that stick out as "trying too hard" just for the sake of shocking audiences as much as possible without any deeper reason behind it. Whereas Kick-Ass for example implemented its own amount of shocking violence much more efficiently into the story (as a realistic contrast to the hero's own illusion of the superhero lifestyle), Kingsman makes no true effort in doing anything comparable. Though it might not seem like it from the trailers, Kingsman very often just seems too focussed to top Kick-Ass in terms of graphic content just because it can, making some shocking scenes in the movie become quite a bit too silly even for an over-the-top movie with an already very goofy and lisping villain played by Sam Jackson.

If you liked what a twist Kick-Ass put on superheroes, then you are very likely to also like what Kingsman has in store for you
(at least to some extent). Though far not as well balanced as Matthew Vaughn's other works, Kingsman offers a more or less okay to solid experience for what it's worth.

Final Verdict: 5 out of 10

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  1. I REALLY dislike James Bond movies. So I was reluctant to watch this. I'm so glad I did! This movie is great! I took it as a spoof of Bond movies and had a fantastic time watching it. I wish they would make more movies about Harry and his adventures from before this movie took place. Harry is so cool and has out-Bonded Bond! Great time!!