New Tomorrowland Trailer Reveals What It's All About

Our first look at the upcoming live-action Disney movie Tomorrowland through a teaser trailer only gave us cryptic hints and small glimpses at what the movie was all about. Well, this is about to change with a new extensive trailer that gives quite a lot of insight at what story Tomorrowland will actually tell.
Quite similar to the premise of the TV-series Eureka, Tomorrowland is a hidden world that is inhabited and run by geniuses and scientific pioneers who shape this futuristic city and world in their own respective vision. However, when the city (and probably the entire world itself too) is in danger, George Clooney has to partner up with a young teen girl to safe it.
Judging from the trailer, Tomorrowland (which is actually based on one of the attractions in Disneyworld), looks like solid fun with quite a lot of creativity put into its share of sci-fi gadgetry and spectacle. Here's hoping the movie itself doesn't stumble upon taking itself too seriously though and doesn't put its visuals above its overall story. But seeing that it's directed from Brad Bird, Tomorrowland should be in good hands.

You can visit Tomorrowland very soon in theaters on May 22, 2015.

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