Second Terminator Genisys Trailer Shows Way Too Much!

After several variations of trailers and TV spots, the newest full 2,5 minute trailer for Terminator Genisys has been released.

So why is it a big deal then after we've already seen what the movie will look like? - Because the newest trailer reveals numerous previously unknown plot points.
However, the downside is that the trailer overstays its own welcome and seemingly doesn't care about spoilers whatsoever.
While most of the trailer boasts the same action footage from the previous trailers. The newest trailer for Terminator Genisys gives away a huge plot twist: John Connor is one of the movie's antagonists and has been sent back in time as some kind of machine/human hybrid by SkyNet.
Even though it's an interesting idea that certainly needs some good explanation in the actual movie, Terminator Genisys sort of shoots itself in its own foot with this trailer.
The entire "John Connor is the antagonist and not human anymore"-twist would have been tremendously more effective when not having been spoiled by a trailer. Though surely made with good intentions it's safe to say that there are some plot points and twists that we only would've wanted to see first in the actual movie and not the trailer. It's simply a trailer that shows way too much for its own good.

We will see how much this spoiled twists (and Arnie's cringeworthy comedic scenes from the trailer) will hurt the movie in its entirety. Maybe Terminator Genisys even has some more (and better) twists that we haven't already seen yet, when the movie hits on July 1, 2015.

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