The Divergent Series: Insurgent - Recap Review

What's good

- Shailene Woodley's performance
- Virtual reality set-pieces and imagery   

What's bad

- Numerous sub-standard performances from the rest of the cast
- Weird pacing and story full of plot holes
- Struggles to find an identity of its own / feels like another generic young adult sci-fi movie
- Bland antagonist characters


- The over-the-top virtual reality action scenes

The Verdict

After the lackluster first entry in the Divergent series, this year's second entry in the franchise, Insurgent, further struggles to distinguish itself with an own creative formula from the other numerous YA movies and stories that flood the market nowadays.
Even though Shailene Woodley does a surprisingly tremendous job with her acting performance in this rather depressing feeling sequel, it sadly can't help the movie overcome its numerous flaws. Much like the vast majority of Insurgent's cast, the movie often feels like it is somewhat sleepwalking its way through its rather bland and plot hole heavy storyline. While the imagery and visuals in the virtual reality sequences are interesting, the movie's very weird pacing that crams way too much action all at once into the final act makes those scenes feel like a tacked on last attempt to make the movie standout.

Ultimately, Insurgent just feels very unsatisfying. Without an effective dramatic arch and only Woodley who seems to really take her role in the movie seriously, Insurgent feels utterly slapped together. Fans of the novels probably will watch it anyway, but this is a sequel that does little to nothing to considerably up the story's stakes to convert non-believers and gain new fans. 
It's not an entirely horrible movie, but probably the most generic and boring young adult sci-fi flick in recent memory.

Final Verdict: 3 out of 10

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