The New Ant-Man Trailer Learned From Its Mistakes

Finally we get to see some actual action in the newest Ant-Man trailer.

Learning a lesson or two from the fairly underwhelming first Ant-Man reveal trailer, this second full 2,5 minute trailer does a way better job in showcasing what makes Ant-Man as a hero and a movie stand out among the rest of the Marvel-superhero crowd.
Sure enough, Ant-Man's shrinking powers are much less devastating in their effects on the environment than for example Thor's might hammer, yet Ant-Man also mostly takes place in different dimensions. This is greatly showcased during the final part of the trailer in which it gets clear that the movie's action in different scopes and sizes looks different depending on the perspective (I am referring to the final toy train fight between Yellow Jacket and Ant-Man).
Also, we finally get a good look at Yellow Jacket, Ant-Man's antagonist in the movie. With both of them having the same primary ability of shrinking in size through a special suit, there is a strong vibe of the first Iron Man movie going on that the movie up until now seems to benefit quite a lot from.

This first big trailer for Ant-Man is certainly a huge step up from the reveal trailer and despite not being utterly amazing, certainly raises our hope that Ant-Man isn't going to be the big "Marvel-Fail" some are expecting it to be.

Ant-Man crawls into theaters on July 17, 2015.

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