Need For Speed is Getting Rebooted...For Some Reason

EA's arcade racing franchise Need for Speed took a creative break in 2014. Now for 2015, Need for Speed a reboot.
With a full gameplay reveal going to be showcased at EA's E3 press conference, a first debut teaser for the new entry has been revealed. Aside from nice graphics and some neat looking cars, the first teaser, presented in a found footage style, is very short on actual info on the new gameplay mechanics. What is certainly a given though, is the focus on city tracks as well as car customization.
And even though a new NFS game is always nice, the question remains why even rebooting Need for Speed was deemed necessary. Without any big storyline to follow throughout the franchise, why not give this new Need for Speed the Underground 3 title it's clearly aiming for. Additionally, NFS fans were longing for years for a proper continuation of the Underground series.

Hopefully we get a good reason why this is "Need for Speed" and not "Need for Speed: Underground 3" at this year's E3.

Need for Speed is going to be released for PS4, Xbox One and PC this fall.


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