The Point Break Remake Desperately Wants to be Extreme!

Hollywood knows no end when it comes to remaking classics.
After Carrie, Robocop and Poltergeist, the Kathryn Bigelow action classic Point Break is up next.
Filled with relatively low key actors, the Point Break remake once again (sort of) tells the story of undercover FBI agent Johnny Utah, this time played by Luke Bracey, and extreme sports crime gang leader Bodhi, this time played by Edgar Ramirez.
Right from the start of the trailer, it gets clear that the Point Break remake aims for a much darker and way more serious and forced badass tone (Johnny Utah with tattoos all over his body??).
Unfortunately though, at least as far as the trailer shows, this remake as good as never really awokes the original Point Break vibe in any way. Seemingly more concerned about its numerous CGI-heavy stunts (you can clearly see how many of them are shot in front of a green screen or with CGI elements thrown in), the Point Break remake seems more like a weird Robin Hood-esque mix of Triple X and the Fast & Furious movies. What makes it all the more strange, is that a deeper anti-captialist message is forcefully attempted to be shoved in even though it doesn't really make sense as to what the trailers show: "...they're using their skills to disrupt the international financial markets...and they don't care who gets killed in the process." - so apparently those Robin Hoodies don't even care if they kill civilians?.

In the end, the Point Break remake trailer leaves a very uncomfortable taste after watching it. With a seemingly unimaginative "make it more badass"-way to update on the original, the Point Break remake shows all the warning signs of a completely forgettable and unnecessary remake.

But we will only know for sure when the Point Break remake hits theaters on December 25, 2015.


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