Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - Recap Review


What's good

- Great level design that makes good use of The New Order's old-school gameplay mechanics
- Welcome new weapons and occult theme
- Good length for a DLC (roughly 6 hours)
- Features multiple tributes to older Wolfenstein games

Exciting action set-pieces help to keep things entertaining.

What's bad

- Overall fairly inconsequential and predictable story
- Occasionally needlessly depressing tone

If only Old Blood would've embraced its B-Movie tone more.


- "Frankfurt, huh? So, you are a real Frankfurter?" - "Yes...I am a Hot Dog."

"Don't call me Frankfurter ever again!"

The Verdict

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is a good opportunity for players to get more of the same refreshing old-school gunplay that made the original The New Order so fun.
Working mostly with exactly the same mechanics, The Old Blood nevertheless tries to shake things up with a nice variety of new weapons, enemies and a "new" occult/horror theme that makes the entire affair feel like a fun trashy B-Movie. Therefore, the more depressing and serious parts about Old Blood's already very predictable story unfortunately feel quite unfitting. On the other hand though, Old Blood's rather inconsequential and self contained story along with a solid 6-hour length make Old Blood a perfect little standalone adventure.
Since The Old Blood doesn't take full advantage of its aimed at B-Movie tone though, it surely isn't a DLC that manages to stand out as much as it could've. Yet still, all things considered, The Old Blood is a pretty enjoyable extension to The New Order, mostly thanks to a strong gameplay foundation. 

Final Verdict: 7 out of 10

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