San Andreas - Recap Review

What's good

- Impressive and solidly entertaining destruction and effects
- Dwayne The Rock Johnson is as charismatic of a lead as ever
- Paul Giamatti's performance 

The Rock is basically playing himself. But here, it's totally ok.

What's bad

- Very simple and predictable story with familiar set-ups
- Weak dialogue
- Mostly boring, clicheed characters
- Rips off quite some story aspects from other disaster movies

Many familiar story beats ahead.


- Let's ride directly towards the giant wave to survive it.

Not sure if heading towards it is THAT smart of an idea.

The Verdict

San Andreas doesn't hold back in showing what it truely is - a straightforward disaster movie with stock characters just there to make for a story to give some shred of narrative context to all of the destruction. With that said, people who saw the trailers for San Andreas will exactly get what they came for. The obvious main attraction here is the non-stop destruction and effects, which unfortunately (or luckily?) overshadow the movie's very simple and predictable story and familiar set-up very much. And while the action and overall destruction is entertaining enough with Dwayne Johnson holding most scenes well together with his leading charme, one cannot deny that aside from the effects extravaganza, San Andreas has little to offer to avoid feeling forgettable.
Though there are far worse disaster movies out there (yet also better ones), San Andreas is, much like Roland Emmerich's 2012, just too focussed on the destruction rather than on telling a compelling story, to make it entirely recommendable.
If you liked the trailers, go for it, because San Andreas offers exactly what's advertised...yet only little to nothing more.

Final Verdict: 4 out of 10

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