Spy - Recap Review


What's good

- Melissa McCarthy finally in a funny and relatable role again
- Good jokes thanks to a good mix of raunchy, dorky (and even some gory) humor
- Entertaining story with a good share of surprising twists
- Quite good action scenes

Even the action scenes in Spy are actually pretty good.

What's bad

- Jason Statham's inconsequential throwaway character
- Too many filler scenes between the good parts

Why is Statham even in this movie?


- Jude Law's "sneeze shot"

"Don't you dare sneeze on me!"

The Verdict

After a long time of unimaginative and unfunny flop movies, Spy is a back-to-form achievement for Melissa McCarthy that does great in showing off how well McCarthy can actually do as a comedic main lead if given the right script and working with the right director.
Entirely different than her previous efforts like Tammy without any clear direction, Spy is very confident in telling its story and exactly knowing which route it wants to take. With well written jokes that offer a nice mix of raunchy (and even gory) humor along with some dorky ones that underline her sympathetic character, McCarthy actually has good material to work with here.
Resultingly, she does very well in making most out of Spy's relatively standard yet very entertaining fish-out-of-water storyline that additionally offers a lot of surprisingly good action scenes and twists.
What the movie occasionally lacks though is to keep a constant tempo regarding its comedy and action, making for some dry filler scenes here and there that bring the movie's dynamic down quite a bit at some occasions.
And whatever you do, don't go in there expecting Jude Law and Jason Statham to have significant roles in the movie. Especially Jason Statham's appearance and screen time is reduced to a bare minimum that is as inconsequential to the plot as it gets.  

Spy is definitely a good time at the movie theater. While not a masterpiece or a big McCarthy-hit like Bride's Maids, it is nice to see McCarthy back in a role that is actually funny and relatable at the same time since Spy does great in balancing its comedic and serious tones.

Final Verdict: 6 out of 10

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