Inside Out - Recap Review

What's good

- Incredibly creative, both in terms of ideas and visual imagery
- Multi-layered story with plenty of good action and comedy
- Some surprising turns and twists during the story
- Powerful and emotional message

Now collect 6 more and you can summon a magic dragon!

What's bad

- Family behaviour can get a bit too cheesy and unrealistic at times
- At times a bit too emotional for its own good

Family values are great and all but...crank it down a bit.


- Riley's dad doing the monkey

"Just you wait until I hit puberty!"

The Verdict

Though it's definitely targeted more towards younger audiences than adults, Inside Out is another great work from Pixar that proves that even a fairly straightforward storyline can be made tremendously entertaining and something special with enough creative ideas and imagery - and Inside Out is chock-full of it.
With a unique and fun idea of how each person's emotions work together to create one's own individual character and memories, Inside Out manages to even go beyond its several fun ideas and tell a powerful and multi-layered story to support it.
Though the story is still a bit too simply structured an partially even too emotional to make Inside Out stand out as one of Pixar's definitive masterpieces, it's still a very entertaining and touching tale about what makes each individual special, how each emotion we feel is important in some way, and especially, how important family is.
Though not as much of a brutal tear-jerker as the ending of Toy Story 3, be prepared for "emotions"...and a whole lot of comedic and even action-related fun with Inside Out - one of the most creative animated flicks in recent memory.

Final Verdict: 8 out of 10

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