Jack Black Gets Goosebumps!

The movie adaptation of the widely popular goosebumps kids books and TV-show got its first trailer.
Starring Jack Black, the movie strays a bit further away from the TV-show's style of several single self-contained stories by sort of breaking the fourth wall.
In the movie, R.L.Stine (creator of the original books and played by Jack Black) lives together with his daughter in a big house, avoiding unnecessary contact to the new neighbors. However, when one of the neighbors befriends his daughter and accidentally opens up one of Stine's many Goosebumps books, all hell breaks loose as it sets free the monsters contained inside the book.
Judging from the trailer, Goosebumps looks like a fun ride. Sharing many parallels in style with movies like Jumanji or Monster Squad, it may be a way different Goosebumps movie than many expected since it isn't a collection of single bigger episodes in a movie (like Twilight Zone: The Movie) but rather a bigger self-contained and self parodying story in its own.

We are definitely ready to get goosebumps ourselves when the movie is released on October 16, 2015. 2015.


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