Ted 2 - Recap Review


What's good

- Servicable (albeit very predictable) continuation of John and Ted's story
- Some of the occasional more serious tones are implemented quite well
- Roughly half of the jokes are okay, but...

Ted 2 is pretty much the same mixed bag as before.

What's bad

- ...the other half comes off as forced throwaway-jokes
- Way too long running time
- Amanda Seyfried is a rather pale replacement for Mila Kunis

- Not too much to work with for Mark Wahlberg

Amanda Seyfried is nice and all but also very boring.


- That cameo from a certain actor who really wants his Trix cereal.

Even Mr. Freeman's brief role doesn't help Ted 2 too much.

The Verdict

Your enjoyment of Ted 2 is (much like in the original) heavily dependent on your tolerance and enjoyment of rude, immature and disgusting humor wrapped together by Family Guy's trademark persona of Seth MacFarlane. It all boils down to once again being a movie that you will enjoy if you want to watch more of "Peter Griffin from Family Guy doing his thing as a rude teddy bear".
Though the original Ted was a moderate, although critically polarizing, success, it shows that the producers and returning director Seth MacFarlane really had to stretch their imagination when it came to this honestly rather unnecessary sequel.
While the story comes off as an actually logical continuation and next step in the lives of John and Ted, there's not really anything new or exciting that is brought to the formula here. Resultingly, Ted 2 is an overly long movie that simply treads along fairly slowly with its assortment of gags but not really a strong and diverse enough story to really grip you. Likewise, the humor and gags in Ted 2 are a mixed bag: while roughly half of them are okay and worth a chuckle or two, the other half comes off as so immature and forced that it often becomes cringeworthy - even for Ted humor standards.

All in all, if you absolutely enjoyed the original Ted, you will most probably also enjoy the return of John and Ted in this ultimately mediocre sequel. Everybody else, who isn't already a fan, should definitely skip Ted 2 since there is absolutely nothing new here to see.

Final Verdict: 4 out of 10

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