The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Recap Review

What's good

- Greatly investing, fleshed out and emotional stories and quests full of twists and turns
- Multiple endings to quests
- Consistently superb writing and dialogue
- Storywise easy to get into even for newcomers
- Huge world with a deep, expansive lore to explore
- Beautiful visuals, great animations, creative monster designs and varied environments
- Well balanced, complex yet easy to learn fighting- and RPG mechanics thanks to well done tutorials
- Epic, killer soundtrack, which is additionally included in the game
- Multiple free DLC packs with new skins, missions and additional language support

The numerous fleshed out quests will keep you going and going.

What's bad

- Occasional minor visual glitches here and there

Occasional minor glitches are only nitpicks in Witcher 3.


- "Roach" - your usual, teleporting horse companion

Overly attached horse detected.

The Verdict

Seeing how big triple-A games like Destiny with a ridiculous 500 million dollar budget turned out as great disappointments with little in terms of creativity and only there to grab more cash through DLC out of gamers' pockets, The Witcher 3 truely stands as the absolute opposite.
Developed by Polish studio CD Projekt Red, The Witcher 3 is probably one of the most welcoming, vast, most detailed and well written action-RPGs to date. Right from the start it gets clear that this is a game that was made by a team of developers who love video games, respect their customers and who don't want to disappoint. Resultingly, just looking at how much effort was put in Witcher 3's countless quests, writing, lore, dialogue, design and presentation alone by such a relatively small group of people puts annually released franchise entries of other triple-A games to absolute shame.
The Witcher 3 is a beautiful game that gets addicting really fast. Seemingly every quest, no matter how shallow it might seem at first, has a deeper story behind it filled with twists and turns and tense encounters. Hunting down monsters by studying their weaknesses and preparing for the battle before actually attacking makes for numerous exciting quests throughout Witcher 3's huge world. Combined with deep yet easy to get into RPG elements (inventory, armory, alchemy, etc.) and very good combat mechanics, travelling through the world of Witcher 3 gets addicting really really fast. With the player never knowing which unexpected turns or revelations the story will take, or which creatures you will encounter next, it's a truely immersing experience that is hard to get out of.
On top of all that, each copy of the game also includes small goodies and the game's awesome soundtrack on CD. Also, there is a total of 16 DLC packs with more content for free. How much more can you ask for? 

While it's still recommended to catch up with the franchise's previous events to get most out of the story, even without any knowledge about it, The Witcher 3 does a tremendously great job in introducing newcomers to its world. Thus, there is no reason not to directly jump into this game, which is practically guaranteed to deliver hours upon hours of entertainment with its huge world that is equally as detailed. 

Final Verdict: 10 out of 10

Status: Must Own, Must Play!

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