Deadpool Red Band Trailer Goes Online

The first official trailer for the upcoming comic movie Deadpool got released to the public.
Being almost the very same trailer from this year's San Diego Comic Con that already got leaked online, the first trailer to Deadpool gives us a good look at how the comedy of the movie will play out.
Also the trailer features a surprising amount of moments that showcase Deadpool's backstory. Although it remains questionable whether it's a good idea that Deadpool's backstory really gets so much focus, at least the movie seems to somewhat stay true to Deadpool's origins from the comics (the Weapon X program).
Furthermore the main action moments we get from the trailer are practically straight up ripped from the leaked test footage for the movie that started it all. While it's a nice nod to fans that "they will actually get the scene that they found great on the big screen", it's also a bit of a lazy move to show us the exact same action scene and even the exact same jokes that we already have seen in the test footage. However, here's hoping that there is more to Deadpool than simple fan service and that the movie manages to avoid making its comedy feel too forced.

We will ultimately find out when Deadpool hits theaters on February 12, 2016.

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