Mortal Kombat X - Recap Review

What's good

- Great character roster with creative new additions and old household characters
- More fatalities, new addition of Brutalities and implementation of environmental attacks
- Three types of fighting styles to choose from for each fighter
- Vastly improved and expanded Krypt in the style of dungeon crawlers
- Multiple Towers with plenty of challenges
- Visually quite impressive, with great use of particle effects and beautiful sceneries

It's all about improvements, additions and more gore.

What's bad

- Rather weak story
- Pay-to-Win DLC (for example: instant fatalities by one button press)
(- The Faction Wars meta game comes off as a bit pointless and unengaging)

At least you get to know the characters and relations better.


- A few characters show up in the story but cannot be played as

Baraka, Sindel, etc. can't be played? - Modders, get to work!

The Verdict

Mortal Kombat X does a great job in noticing and taking to heart what the strengths and weaknesses of its predecessor were. Resultingly, MKX's mechanics and content come off as a vast improvement and evolution of what MK9 started.
With a respectably varied roster full of old fan favorite characters like Raiden or Scorpion, but also creative newcomers like D'Vorah and Cassie Cage, there's a good balance between old and new found in MKX. Speaking of balance, one of the most obvious improvements made is the addition of three fighting styles that have to be chosen between for each fighter. Due to the fact that each fighting style focusses the character on a specific set of themed moves, this makes MKX a noticably more balanced and fair fighting game compared to its predecessor.
Furthermore, the Krypt which lets you unlock all sorts of extras, like more fatalities, concept art and costumes, has been completely overhauled into a surprisingly big world that nicely encourages to be explored in the style of old school dungeon crawlers, complete with finding keys and small puzzles.
Topping that off is the addition of even more Towers full of challenges to sink your teeth into.

With the only gripes here being the game's fairly short and underwhelming story (especially compared to MK9's surprisingly epic campaign) as well as some weird Pay-to-Win DLC, these don't hurt the overall package of the game too much.
All in all, Mortal Kombat X is easily one of the best entries in the franchise. It's a very good looking, effectively improved and fun fighting game, with loads of content to keep casual- as well as hardcore players busy for a long time.  

Final Verdict: 9 out of 10

Status: Amazing!

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