Krampus Brings Back Christmas Horror

Legendary Studios just released the first trailer for their upcoming Christmas horror flick Krampus.
Based on the old Austrian/German folklore creature, the movie tells the story of a dysfunctional family whose holiday gathering yearly turns into a more or less comical disaster. Now completely having lost his faith in Christmas, the young boy Max ultimately turns his back on it and accidently unleashes the dark and punishing spirit of Christmas, Krampus, who starts to haunt the family.
Krampus’ trailer surely is one of the better horror movie trailers of recent memory. It is actually very well paced and features some very nice and intriguing shots of the movie’s many practical creature effects without giving away too much of the mystery. Being directed by Michael Dougherty, the director of the cult movie Trick ‘r Treat, one can surely expect a good mix of comedy and old school horror with Krampus, just like the trailers suggest. The Krampus trailer does a great job delivering a neat and nowadays rare horror comedy kind of vibe comparable to 80s flicks like Gremlins or Ghostbusters (just look at the vintage 80s look of the Krampus poster).
With the trailer making Krampus actually look really promising, here’s hoping that the final movie does the trailer justice when it hits theaters on December 4th, 2015..

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